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Here are just a few of the letters and photos we have received over the past 12 months from our satisfied patients following their weight loss surgery.

Sarah R

My overall experience was delightful! My life has totally changed. I’m so grateful to Mr Decadt and all those at the hospital from reception to the follow up support group.  Bariatric surgery simply changed my life. My outlook totally changed.

I was 27 stone and was told I may not live long enough to see my children grow up, but now I am able to play with them, I walk everywhere and I love clothes shopping again!

I suffer from arthritis, pain in my legs and joints, but since the operation I’ve only had five days with any discomfort in a whole year.

My family life is totally different. I make careful choices about the food we eat, and I’m so grateful that I’ll be alive to see my children grow up. I enjoy attending the monthly support group sessions where I am helped by others who have experienced weight loss surgery, and I can help those who are just starting to go down the same route I have taken.

Sharon P

Before I had my operation, I was very scared of having surgery, but I’m so pleased because its the best thing I ever did!

My son showed me a picture he drew at school of a snow man and a stick man.. I realised the snow man was me, and he was the stick man. I had to do something about it.

Following the surgery, I’m so pleased with the reactions I get from people I know. I’m more confident, I’m going to University, I love going out and clothes shopping which I used to hate, and I’m now much more involved with my kids.

I used to suffer with asthma and psoriasis, but following the operation I feel so much better and I love my new life. My son suffers with Aspergers, and now I feel much more confident helping him, plying with him and so much more active. We even went to Alton Towers recently and I had the courage to go on the rides with my kids.. I feel I’m a much better parent! I can’t thanks Dr Decadt enough.

Anne S

My overall experience throughout all aspects of my care was fantastic. I’m so grateful. I was told before my op that I’d only get out what I put in, and I feel rewarded because I lost 13 stone. Bariatric surgery simply changed everything.

I go to keep fit, Zumba, I walk everywhere that I can and I feel so liberated. I’m never in at home now!

I suffer from pain in my legs and feet, especially my feet, but after the surgery, I’ve had no pain at all.

The surgery has had a really positive effect on every part of my family life, in fact everything has changed! I can’t thank Mr Decadt enough.

Carol M

Mr Decadt was so nice. The manner in which he spoke to me, reassuring me at every stage, before during and after the operation. I can’t fault him.

The overall experience was excellent! I have had a new lease of life. I was out of breath all the time, and in pain. Now I’m a much more confident person and I no longer need to get taxis because I walk everywhere!

I suffer from leukemia, asthma and epilepsy, but following the surgery, I have seen an improvement in all these conditions, my medication has been greatly reduced.

I’ve always been a bubbly person with a positive outlook on life, but since surgery I can do so much more, and I’m much more confident.



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Maureen S

Maureen was really happy with the results of her surgery. She came to our clinic for consultation with a BMI of 49. After her Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, her BMI reduced to 29.

“I’m so happy, I’m able to walk into town again, which I could not do before, because of my angina” (associated with being over weight). Maureen realised  weight loss surgery had probably saved her life.

Janelle C

Janella came to our clinic with a BMI of 63. She also had other life threatening conditions including diabetes, associated with being very over weight.

I can say that bariatric surgery gave me my life back, following my Sleeve Gastrectomy my weight plummeted and I lost 8 Stone. I regained my confidence and was able to resume my studies for a Higher Degree. I now am really happy. I’m really grateful to Mr Decadt and feel I have been given a second chance in life.





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“I enjoy attending the monthly support group sessions where I am helped by others who have experienced weight loss surgery..”

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